How To Maintain Your Go Kart

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Riding your go kart can be so much fun. However, if it is poorly maintained, it can be exceptionally dangerous, too. Like any other motorized vehicle, the key to keeping the optimum performance and overall safety of your go kart is by observing routine maintenance checks.

Your kart dealer should set up a proper maintenance deal for you. Altrenatively, get maintenance advice from a specialist.

Here are some tips on how you can maintain your go kart in tip-top shape.


Your go karts chain is what transfers the power from the engine to the axles and your wheels. Without it, you simply wont be able to run your go kart. That is why it is one of the most important parts of the go kart that needs to be maintained.

To keep it in tip-top shape you have to make sure you know the correct size of your chain. What you want is a properly fitting chain so you may want to make sure that it is just of the right tension. This is because chains typically stretch over time and with repeated use. Sometimes it will just fall off from its mount. It is for this reason that you may have to re-tension your go kart chains.

Moreover, like all metallic components, it is crucial to lubricate your chains. The best way to lubricate your chains is to remove it from its assembly and then soak it overnight in an appropriate lubricant. Then you can easily put it back the following morning. If you cannot do this, applying lubricant on the rollers should do the trick. Just make sure to let the lubricant penetrate the chain surfaces for at least 10 minutes.

Engine oil

Changing your go karts oil is actually dependent on your engine. For instance some go kart engine manufacturers recommend changing the oil at least once every season or about every 25 hours of running. Now conventional wisdom will tell you that the more frequent you use your go kart and the more challenging the track you drive it in then the more frequent the oil change. Changing the oil should be a pretty straightforward process since the oil pan drain can be easily accessed from the bottom of the engine block.

Spark plug

It is highly recommended that you perform a visual inspection of your spark plugs every oil change. This means you have to remove them from their sockets and visually inspect for any signs of degradation especially at the electrodes. As for its replacement, a once-yearly schedule should be fine.

Brake system/

A lot of folks miss the brake system completely during regular go kart maintenance checks. The thing is that the brake pads should be evaluated for overall integrity. Sometimes all you need is a little adjustment on the brake rod. Checking the fasteners should also be made an important aspect of regular maintenance checks on a go karts brake system.

Maintaining your go kart in tip-top shape is like maintaining your car, albeit larger and more complex. The point is that if it is quite easy to maintain a car then it should be a breeze to maintain a go kart.