Better Care For Your Dartboard


Playing with blunt darts on your electronic dartboard will really effect the board . As in it worsens any bodily damage to your board.

The difficulty is that your darts won't be able to fit in the holes on the dartboard and register scores. This is why digital dartboards come with so many greater times. To fight dulling of the darts.


With bristle dartboards things are loads extra complicated on the subject of excellent darts to maintain your dartboard.

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Are computer games damaging your child’s health?

The more activity that took place in the brain the redder the image.

The results showed there was a much higher level of brain activity during arithmetic compared with when watching computer games - particularly in the areas of the brain associated with learning.

Professor Kawashima has also shown that arithmetic stimulates greater brain activity in children than listening to music or reading. In particular, reading out loud can help stimulate activity in the frontal lobe.

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