Better Care For Your Dartboard

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Sharpen your darts to keep away from dartboard damage


Playing with blunt darts on your electronic dartboard will really effect the board . As in it worsens any bodily damage to your board.

The difficulty is that your darts won’t be able to fit in the holes on the dartboard and register scores. This is why digital dartboards come with so many greater times. To fight dulling of the darts.


With bristle dartboards things are loads extra complicated on the subject of excellent darts to maintain your dartboard.

It’s far nevertheless recommended that your use darts that are sharpen, that manner the point is rounded and it could slide inside and out of the dartboard easily.

That is the first-class form of darts for appropriate dartboard renovation. But you don’t need to sharpen the dart point too much to the point wherein it becomes burred, this could purpose it to act like a form of hook if you want to harm your dartboard.

You furthermore may don’t want to apply darts that have been siting for too long and feature end up flat, this will reason essential harm in your Board as well.

There are a bunch of pointers for darts you shouldn’t be the usage of. Don’t use darts with hooked points, despite the fact that they keep on with the dartboard higher they motive a number of damage whilst they may be removed that is detrimental in your board.

Don’t sharpen the darts too much. Don’t use studded darts as they upload to harm too. To assist your there are actual dart sharpeners that help you sharpen your darts the proper way.
Don’t hold your dartboard with immoderate weight


Typically what makes weight a problem for dartboards is lighting, there are dartboard lights that surround your board however additionally they add quite a few weight that could reason your board to fall.

Thankfully this isn’t a critical hassle for digital dartboards due to the fact a whole lot of them come with their very own lighting.

What can grow to be a hassle is when you have your electronic dartboard setup in a dartboard cupboard.

A whole lot of dartboard shelves are installation loosely at the same time as they generally tend to include an amount of weight. It’s very important to be privy to this and make the necessary adjustments.


With bristle dartboards excessive weight is a lot greater serious of a problem. There are many matters that could upload to the weight of your dartboard.

This includes backboards, shelves and lights. The single things in them won’t be sufficient to harm your setup however you have to be careful the way you mount them.

Just be aware that culture dartboards aren’t made to preserve immoderate weight out of doors of the dartboard Weight.

Dart Rules

You want to ensure that whilst you are making similarly additions on your dartboard which you do it correctly. No rush task. Consort an expert if need be.