Why should I use Fish Smarty?
What is the school account?
How to create the school account?
How to manage the school account?
What are the kid's reports?
What is the discount system?
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Why should I use Fish Smarty?
Why should I use Fish Smarty?
Every teacher’s toolbox
Total user friendly cartoon world
Excellent value

 It will help you motivate children to learn new concepts and practice key skills with the help of Fish Smarty wonderful world.

It will save you time by providing appropriate resources for your class because it is very well organized. You can search topics by subject Comics, Drawings or Online/Outdoor Games.

Fish Smarty is ready to cooperate with your educational institution to deliver customized educational material.

It takes the hassle out of using computers and managing different profiles. From one school account profile you can manage the kid’s accounts easily. No need for special training or additional hardware or software. Access

 Fish Smarty portal contains plenty of educational resources ready to use, like printable kid’s reports or homework resources.

Children instantly know if they are right on track and they can learn at their own peace.

You can make the most of the learning activities enjoyable for kids.

 Fish Smarty is continuously build and developed in close cooperation with practicing teachers and kindergarten educators. It has been tried and tested in plenty of schools and classrooms across the world.

Any teacher or tutor can participate to Fish Smarty. Just send us your comments and we will try to accommodate them.

Monthly reports are emailed to parents with scoring

 All the learning activities are set in the world of Fish Smarty, a virtual environment where children can safely explore.

The Start/Stop safe button is helping children browse safely Fish Smarty world.

There is no communication with and between students.

 Children are captivated by the world of Fish Smarty and they learn essential skills without any effort.

We have designed various packages based on how many kids you would like to enroll and duration of the account. For more information, check Create School Account.

The school account subscription is very flexible and can accommodate all your needs.

What is the school account?

The school account aims to help teachers motivate school children to learn different subjects through interactive games and learning activities for various curriculum subjects, all done in a colorful and magical world of Fish Smarty.

Teachers and educators will find very useful the scores reports by measuring the progress for every kid, generated by Fish Smarty platform. The reports are user friendly for teachers and stimulating for children.

Teachers can use the website to search for resources that they can use in the classroom to help them do their job more effectively.

What are the Kid's reports?

The kid’s reports are a guide to how well a child is doing. It lists games results for every child and for each game that was played.

You can use this information to see how each child is developing.

On Fish Smarty portal, login with your school account and access all scoring reports.

The feedback given to the child is positive and encouraging.

What is the discount system?

With the help of the promotional code you can have a discounted or free access account to all educational materials.

Get your Fish Smarty card and activate your account!

Fish Smarty cards are a great way to pay for your Fish Smarty account and make an amazing gift. The Fish Smarty card gives you all the access that you need.

For more information, contact us: support@fishsmarty.com

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