The individual characters of the Fish Smarty world have personalities, behaviours, and appearances that are distinctive and enjoyable. They play a helpful and educational role in your child’s learning as they go through their interesting day-to-day experiences.
Fish Smarty
Albert & Bernard
Sarah & Amy
Chad & Antonio
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Fish Smarty
Fish Smarty is the explorer. Fish Smarty loves to discover and identify new things, and is always willing to start new adventures. He is intelligent, eager to learn, curious about the world around him, and has friends who are always ready to help. Humorous, honest, courageous and spontaneous, Fish Smarty has a character that resembles a smart child.
Albert, the sea horse
Albert, he is one of the most recognisable characters and the best friend of Fish Smarty. Accompanying Fish Smarty in his adventures, he is eager to do great things, even if he is not always able to keep up. Albert never gives up, and is a real friend that can always be counted on. Bernard, the lobster With the personality of an English gentleman, Bernard has a cultivated mind that finds solutions in difficult situations. He loves to cook, and while pursuing his quest, he brings Fish Smarty on journeys around the world for new recipes.
Sarah, the sea star
Sarah, she has a propensity to exaggerate and is sometimes scared of the outside world. Sarah is a shy person, and often hesitant; however she is also very intuitive and loves to express her feelings. In many of the adventures, Sarah is an inspiration to the other characters. Amy, the octopus Amy, she is mature and wise, and provides advice and guidance to Fish Smarty and his friends. Amy draws on a rich life and has many stories to tell. She is sophisticated and is well-informed. Rational, feminine, confident and graceful, Amy frequently highlights the true meaning of life and learning.
Fred, the turtle
Fred is a wise, kind, old character. A fatherly type. He uses his personal understanding of people and the world to convey his amazing stories. Providing guidance in a mystical and mysterious way, he spellbinds his audience. He is sometimes absent minded, and enjoys philosophizing. Fred is a mentor who occasionally practices magic. His powers arise from inner strenght, rather than magical ability.
Chad, the jellyfish
Chad is someone who constantly tries to figure out what is going on and who is doing what. He is a silly character and is always involved in unusual situations. Chad lives in a jar and when there is a problem, he brusquely swims away as if nothing ever happened, with his jar in tow. Chad is a controversial character, superficial while at the same time, overflowing with humanity. Antonio, the shark In all tales there is a villain or someone who sets obstacles for others. In the Fish Smarty world, that tricky character is Antonio. He puts the others in difficult situations. Antonio is a character who seeks action and looks for rewards without deserving them. He tells everyone he was born in the warm waters of Sicily
Lotski, the pelican
Lotski takes Fish Smarty and his friends on adventurous trips around the world in search of new treasures and exotic recipes. These exciting adventures make all the characters of the Fish Smarty world stronger and more united when dealing with their community’s or their own situations. Lotski‘s purpose is to teach geography and to relay what he has experienced during his world travels.