Fish Smarty is an online educational portal for kids 3-9 years old. Explore, Play and Learn with the best educational software.

Play online or outdoor educational games, read comics and find activities like coloring, drawing and much more.

The educational games have proven to be a great tool for building the confidence while enhancing the skills needed for success in school and later in life. Working with child experts, educators and psychologists, Fish Smarty creates games loved by parents and children alike.

The Idea!
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Why was Fish Smarty created?
After months of studying educational materials and different national curriculums, interviewing parents and teachers, we have created an online educational portal for children and parents. We wanted to build a fun, safe, and interactive educational playground to help to enhance kids' skills', to provide them with challenging yet enriching activities to take part in, and to increase their confidence level. Confidence creates strength! Encourage your children to explore from early days in order to develop their creative (the act of making something new) and cognitive (concentration, perception, memory, logical thinking) skills!
Mental, social & emotional development
Each and every activity aims at enhancing different skills and developing new abilities, such as: Counting (e.g. games focused on counting objects of a particular colour within a picture), Learning the alphabet (e.g. games focused on identifying the missing letter), Learning arithmetic (e.g. games focused on day-to-day calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), Constructing phrases (e.g games focused on completing the sentences), Power of observation (e.g spot the difference games), Ingenuity (e.g games focused on organising objects in a logical way), Communication (e.g. educational comics and outdoor games).   Therefore, we have used proven mechanisms within our portal to increase focus and sustained concentration for the act of learning.
How does it work?
Explore, Play and Learn™, that's the concept! We adopt the best of breed educational content and package it into an easy-to-learn system. The kids have the opportunity to play all our great games (both online and outdoor), read comics or participate in colouring activities. Fish Smarty provides a large number of online and outdoor games inspired from the international educational curriculum, such as: the National Curriculum of England, US Department of Education and Ontario Ministry of Education. The Comics and Drawings aim to enhance reading and imagination. The topics we identified are based on day-to-day situations.
How to view progress & results?
Parents, educators or teachers have the opportunity to observe the evolution of their child or pupil through the reporting area of the Fish Smarty portal. The scoring is intuitive and easy to understand. The scores are collected for all the games and levels played. From your account you can check out the score history, and you can closely interact with your child and guide the development. Save the results obtained in the games on your computer and assess your child's development every month.
Continuous improvement
Following the guidelines from ‘A strategy for American Innovation: Driving Towards Sustainable Growth and Quality Jobs’ by President Barack Obama, Fish Smarty educates the next generation with 21st century knowledge and skills. We are investing in innovative methods to provide world-class online education for everyone to gain knowledge and skills. Fish Smarty is dedicated to creating state-of-the-art, online educational content that combines high-quality subject matter with the latest advances in cognitive and computer sciences.
Fantastic value
Our value is represented by return on investment in your child´s continuous development. Fish Smarty invests in education for generations to come, as our children are our future. Jump on board!Fish Smarty membership subscribe   An environment with no commercials or banners. Less text and more images, since a picture is worth 1000 words. Organized content, each page is designed to providethe right information. Instant feedback, each score is interpreted and results are provided. Specialized games for specific needs. Education is fun!
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