Do You Think Kayaking Is Dangerous?

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Have you asked yourself about the safety of kayaking? Do you feel there is a high risk of danger kayaking and you won’t go out on the water? Kayaking is an exciting outdoor experience and you won’t want to miss out due to fear of kayaking dangers. There are some things to consider before we can say yes kayaking is dangerous.

Possible risks and dangers

The opinion of dangers and risks are usually personal and not based on facts. If your kayaking on white water rapids the danger can be more substantial than if you are kayaking on a lake.Do you think kayaking is dangerous?

On a lake there is a flat body of water, no twist and turns like a whitewater rapid. The rapids can be a cause of concern and there is danger there if you’re not well prepared and ready for the unexpected.

Also, if you don’t have on the proper protective gear like a helmet or life jacket you put yourself in even more danger. However, on a lake with no fast-moving water the risk of danger is very low. You should still wear the protective gear to keep yourself safe.

Can I go in a kayak if I can’t swim?

Yes, you can still go kayaking if you cannot swim. Even little kids can go kayaking. However, it is very important to have on life jackets for the just in case you flip over. Your life jacket can prevent you from drowning even if you tip over and fall in the water.

It is also important to stay in calm bodies of water, like lakes if you can’t swim. You should also go with a partner so that if something happens there is someone there to help you. Try and stay close to the bank as well, venturing to far could cause a new set of danger if you need help for something.

Will I drown if I flip over in the kayak?

If you know how to exit a kayak you don’t have to worry about drowning. If you are wearing your life jacket your chances of drowning are slim too. However, if you are a beginner a good way to stay safe would be to take lessons. This way you can learn the proper way to wet exit your kayak, how to get back into your kayak when you’re out in the water and how to flip it back over when needed. A good class on kayaking you will learn all of the basic steps needed to help you stay out of danger.

Will my kayak flip over easily?

Kayaks do not flip over easily. They have a unique design to help stabilize them. However, flipping over depends on the type of kayak and the kind of water you are kayaking in. If you’re in the rapids your chances are higher especially if you’re in an ultralight kayak.


Kayaking is a wonderful way to explore nature and see things you can’t see from riding in a car. As long as you keep in mind some safety rules and learn some basics, your danger risk is low.